Founder and owner of “ARV centre” d.o.o.  began with the spare parts sale towards the end of 1997.
Back then sales program consisted of parts for VW bodywork repairing and Mercedes passenger cars.

At the end of 1999, he began importing and distributing Lucas (TRW) braking systems and engine components for all passenger vehicles in cooperation with the firm “Ninic” from Belgrade. In mid-2003 he decided to pursue a strategic partner  "Szakal-Metal KFT" from Budapest with which, to this day, achieves good and successful business relationship.

Since 2004 “ARV centre “ d.o.o. becomes one of best equipped company with engine parts for all passenger, light commercial and commercial vehicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2005, the range of what we offer had expanded. From the world famous manufacturer FERODO we have Airtex water pumps and brake discs, plates and brake pads.

In mid 2007 “ARV centre” d.o.o. obtained exclusive distribution and all rights to the KYB (Kayaba) suspensions , springs, suspension damper bearings  and protective repulsive tires  for BiH market.
On January 1st 2009 “ARV centre” d.o.o.  moves to a new address and increases the stock to 350m2. In 2010 we obtained the rights to distribute Facet and TruckTec products.

From 01.06.2012 “ARV centre” d.o.o. expands its business and opens service for Citroen, Mercedes and Peugeot cars.

“ARV centre” d.o.o. currently employs 11 people. With their dedication and hard work they are constantly improving our business and are ready to answer any question raised.
We have more than 700 regular customers from across the country. All commissioned goods are promptly delivers to the customer’s addresses using a fast track delivery in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Currently we have over 19 000 different items, that puts us at the top of the leading companies in its range in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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KYB (Kayaba)

Mid 2007th "ARV center" d.o.o. obtained exclusive distribution and all rights to the KYB (Kayaba) shock absorbers, springs, shock absorbers and bearings protective repulsive tire for BiH market.

Szakal Metal KFT

In 2003. "Szakal-Metal KFT" from Budapest and ARV center d.o.o. become strategic partners.